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Moonwalkers seeks to provide unrivaled customer service to you and your pet. We are dedicated to animal lifestyle enrichment through good exercise, training and wellness. We are also inclined to rolling around in the dirt and playing in the pouring rain? Because life is too short!!


Moonwalkers Dog Training Academy & Specialty Services

Here at Moonwalkers, we put a big emphasis on social learning and offering our beloved canines a comprehensive education. Our programs are geared toward helping your dog make good choices independently.

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The momentum program is a carefully structured day training school. This is a unique and ground breaking service designed to help busy pet parents have and maintain well managed and well behaved dogs. Each day the dogs learn new skills and socialize under the direct supervision of a certified trainer.

The benefits of our momentum program:

  • Team led by certified trainer (CPDT-KA)
  • Small classrooms and play groups
  • All dogs are given a "job" for mental and emotional enrichment
  • Play style shaping (we do not allow free-for-all play... we condition proper play manners by using positive reinforcement and carefully selecting play matches)
  • Expert level care and instruction through developmentally critical phases
  • Daily learning stations for regular members (We work regular day training dogs on grooming, position cues, leash skills, nosework, puppy agility, environmental socialization, independence conditioning, behavior modification, mental enrichment activities given at lunch, stranger danger, and of course any customized goals you are working on at home!)
  • Our staff is small but mighty and we collaborate with other local experts to offer you premium services, classes, and events that reflect the most modern and effective methods.
Moon Walkers Pet Service

Mission Statement: Our Mission is to create an optimal learning environment for people and their pets through modern strategies and concepts, safety, and a supportive community culture.