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About our training programs

With the abundance of conflicting information in the world of dog training, my number one focus is advocacy through accuracy. My aim is to teach pet parents how to avoid the mediocrity of outdated and incomplete training routines and become privy to modern science, psychology and the current standards of the dog training industry.

Don’t settle for ‘sit, stay- send you on your way’ obedience….. Unleash your life!!

Impact Series Puppy Standard - $895

* Monday through Friday access to the training center * 2 private sessions (in training center) * access to all eligible classes

About our training programs

Basic Membership - $595

* Monday- Friday - Stay -N-Train Service * 2 classes or 1 private session

Basic Membership

Impact Series Unlimited - $1320 /month

This package makes you eligible for all M-F day training/ walk and train/ approved play dates/ classes/ workshops etc.... 6 sessions a month with head trainer and customized training program

Impact Series Unlimited

Play and Learn - $25

Bring your dog to the training center for an hour for playtime and learn what the dog's are saying to each other and how to shape your dog's play style.

Play and Learn

Standard Walking Service - $400 per month

*Monday through Friday * 10am-2pm window *30 minute walks walkers are well educated, bonded, fully insured, have passed all clearances and are lead by certified dog trainer

Standard Walking Service

Nature Hikes - $40

Dogs must have completed prerequisite Recall Strategies Workshop or Private Session equivalent OR be able to demonstrate a well-proofed recall cue. Remote collars do not count.

Nature Hikes

Walk and Train - $45/day

Minimum 4 times per week. For dogs who need leash training, structured environmental desensitization and behavior modification for reactivity or just a little extra TLC

Walk and Train

Behavior Consultation/Evaluation - $85- $115

Head trainer will decide if you need a private session in your home or the training center and will give pricing based in criteria discussed upon inquiry.

Behavior Consultation/Evaluation

Private Puppy Session (In Home) - $85

We will come to your home and help you discuss environment management, puppy proofing, potty training and work intensively on learning strategies.

Private Puppy Session (In Home)

Private Play Date - $45

Part of our customized socialization program; we will select matches for your dog to shape play styles. Confidence booster for dogs who are overwhelmed by group classes.

Private Play Date

Puppy 101/Puppy 202 - $25/class

101 Class is taught mostly off leash with the main focus being bite inhibition, shaping a friendly play style, impulse control and learning strategy...and FUN! 202 goes into skill building/formal cues

Puppy 101/Puppy 202

Private Puppy Sessions - $65

*For dogs under 6 months of age *Sessions are held at the training center A proactive way to get ahead of problems before they begin. (Prerequisite for enrollment)

Private Puppy Sessions

Stay and Train - $45 per day

Drop your dog off for the day (or hang out with us!) for structured play groups, behavior modification, skill building and brain games. Price includes 20 min recap session when you drop off or pick up

Stay and Train

Priority Pet Sitting Service - $25-$35 range

-Minimum 3 visits per day -Small team of knowledgeable, responsible, professional adults with all clearances, bonding, insurance and pet first aid certification lead by a certified dog trainer.

Priority Pet Sitting Service

Dog Walking/Exercise Program - $35/hour

Moon and Sewickley areas only at the moment.... Enrollment fees apply

Dog Walking/Exercise Program